Friday, June 25, 2010

Veggie Lunch at Chinese Temples

Do u know that a part of the advocacies of the Chinese Temples... They are serving free vegetarian lunches every 15th of their lunar calendar (thats when the new and full moon comes out).
Ms. Betsy Gazo. a Feature Writer of SunStar invited me to join the invitation of a co-writer Mr. Benedict Sanchez. The grandeur of Fa Tzang Temple in the Shopping Center food was so displacing... displacing in a sense that it could transfer you to China on the very moment u step into it... the decor... the details... and the design! Superb! The construction really made sure that air and light comes in as needed.

Thanks to this discovery, just in time for my veggie diet required by my doctor due to my condition (being old.. hehehe), the food was really great. Having it twice now, made me enjoy veggie foods. They tapol and plain rice, Tofu with sauce, Lumpia prito, chopsuey, bihon and even a health spaghetti! Wow! They also serve nothing but water which is so for me!

Bless all of the devotees, monks and supporters of this temple. It is indeed educational and influencial.

Til the next meal! 15 days to go!
One... two... three.. four...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Suites... so sweet!

After a Christmas Party, I was invited by a fellow tour guide, Mary Lecias, to an opening of her sister's new inn, The Suites at Calle Nueva.

What had struck me is the food which Cafe Nueva serves... you will experience the real mediterranean tastes on their vast array of foods available. Oh i so love the Coscos salad, its a meal of its own, yes and its the authentic Coscos you've been looking for.

The rooms were so new and the structure was so cozy. You can have the pleasure of a night rest for just P800 with breakfast. They have all the necessary amenities for all the guest to enjoy, wifi, etc.

It is located at the heart of the City, just a stone-throw away to the bustling city life of Bacolod. 15 Nueva St. is just an outskirt of the public plaza. It is so convenient to reach atms, public transportation, malls, central market, the Cathedral and even night life.

You may contact them through +6334-4356080 or +6334-7088000.

Friday, August 14, 2009

At Home At The Mall!

I'm a traveler, but not too much... I've been to key cities here in the Philippines. Some for business trip and other just for leisure. You will agree that always you could confine to more trusted place to be... is the SM Mall nearest to you.

In Cebu, where times that I had bulk packs and instead of taging that on my back, would usually go to SM Travel Lounge where I could deposit my baggage safely. And off to my Cebu business meeting.

In Manila where I usually would booked the first flight to Bacolod, that's around 4:45 am. Instead of paying another nite for a hotel room, I would go to SM Mall of Asia and deposit my baggage and watch cinema 'til midnight and proceed to the airport. In that way I had treated myself.

In Bacolod, where most would say, i wont have time to spend to a mall. But instead its was the reverse that happened. I'm entering SM City Bacolod almost daily.... and often times I am seen by Ms. Julia Javellana, the Asst. Mall Manger, that would usually throw a joke on me and ask... "Baw on ON DUTY sya ba!" (Oh so your already ON duty!).

Indeed SM City Bacolod is my second home in the very heart of my hometown and even my second office, let me say... my branch office... hehehe. Where I could do my email in one of the cafe of the mall seemlessly and speedily. I could meet up my clients in style... and even bring them to a taste of Bacolod through its chain of resto inside. No need to worry of brown outs nor of a big rainfall. So secure from pickpocketers and socomfortable of the centralized airconditioning (save me from electrical bills huh!). There is no so late inside the mall... Either your client be late.. surely you'll be preoccupied by the choices the Department Store offers. No dull moments indeed. Where you can find easily things to ponder upon.

Almost all public utility jeepney passing through here, its so accessable! If i'm alone going to the mall, I would just take a PUJ (only 14Php) and save alot (than driving my car into). A Zero-possibility on traffic congestion due to a very good traffic flow plan. A very vast grocery for you! So cleen and organized and above all... the path way is wide. With my size... hehehe I wont bump another shopper. And was so amazed to know that SM City Bacolod also has its own travel lounge that you can have a shower, and a Breastfeeding room for shopping mommies! Is that Cool?

I'm sure, SM has still a lot instore for Bacolod. A hotel maybe or a theme park for us Negrense, or even the Visayas would be great.

Truly, SM City Bacolod is not just a mall, a city to us, but a home, that daily, tirelessly open her arms to cuddle us all.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wifi Mall-wide, the SM Way!

July 31, 2009. Its the last day of the month, but its the beginning of new oppurtunities. My morning was just so busy, finishing everything for me to be free to attend an extraordinary event. Extraordinary in the sense that it isn't usual to happen.

SM-Bacolod is now Wifi accessable mall-wide! As the emcee announced. We bloggers then hurriedly open our laptops and tried to connect. With just a blink of an eye, there "Successfully connected to SM_Free_Wifi". Quick ha! Then, open pages from emails, facebook, blogs, searches, and even farmville in one browser and still experiencing same speed was pretty much amazing. Even over 40 bloggers came and tested the WiFi connections all at the same time, the connections were still at par! Congrats to Phil.Com. who is the service provider of all SM branches.

With my curiosity, after the event concluded, I took a round to the mall from the north to the east sky bridge to the south mall and to the west sky bridge. I noticed with my iPhone online that the sky bridges has no connections but inside the north and south main hall has a strong signal. I was just so amazed to discover that when you go in to any of the boutiques, the connections are disabled atomatically. Hi-tech isn't it?!

Well, thats it guys... its your time to try out the WiFi power of SM connections. Happy surfing.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We have a Balay Bacolod... almost and hopefully!

Saturday... July 18, 2009... a mid-lit day... sprinkling rain... our vehicle headed to a place where I usually just passing through... neglected by my so curious mind... uninterested of discovering why this place is called Yulo's Park and is a landmark when you ride a jeepney to the south of Bacolod.

A warm welcome by the owner greeted us as we enter this huge forgotten plaza. As I enter the mansion and climb the grand a-bit-stiff stair case, you will be mesmerized of the volume this Grand House in her golden years. Immersed with so much of memories that may even complete Bacolod's History. Indeed this structure deserves to be called our Balay Bacolod.

It features a lot of grandeur of Philippine architectures previous barons used; muebles so beautiful; huge china collections; so many picture archives not just of the house but also of events in Bacolod; funerals so grand that limousines lining just to carry the flower wreaths were only here in Bacolod; and the one to be so worth-watching is the hand-painted glass rimmed with gold made especially for a grand banquet to honor Pres. Manuel L. Quezon.

"O my prayer to You Lord, that You bless the Family Yulo to have a curator passionately inclined of upholding the forgotten Mansion and Bacolod as well. May You let this be our Jewel of Bacolod's history."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Help Save Our Economy!

Yes I can! I now can help save our economy even in simple ways! I just learned from an economist that it doesn't have to be in big contribution to help but by having small initiatives from us and a twist of our mentality.

I learned that by buying imported goods here is spending more peso than dollars, and buy buying imported goods outside and bringing it here is also spending more. So if you are buying those clothes outside our country in regular price... think twice!

Gone are the days na... "pag-imported, good quality"! Now, we have lots of best quality products sold in the market! So change that mentality na, wag maging pasaway!

Also to our OFW, who I am so intrigues why they are called heroes? the answer is that they bring in dollars to Philippines and spend their dollars here so many of pesosesoses will be spent. A bit confuse to that? Here's a simple illustration, if you buy a dollar, here means your spending 48 pesos. Got it? Your purchasing power is greater here than that of spending outside (pwera lang kun 50% SALE ang binibili mo sa outside.... hehehe).

So when you do your grocery (SM is the best! Kasi Malawak, fair pa ang pricing and you gain points pa sa SMAC mo hehehe), instead of buying those Colg..., buy our own Happee! Surely, you will SAVE because its cheaper and will make everybody HAPPEE!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

SM-Bacolod goes WIFI Mall-wide!

Is that Great?

Yes, I was so excited and blessed after hearing the good news from SM Asst. Mall Manager Julia Javellana that SM-Bacolod will now have a mall-wide WIFI connections! This means that everywhere you are inside the mall there's wireless internet connections. And even in their Al Fresco area... is also wifi accessable! Fabulous!

I use to have coffee at Figaro just to use their wifi connections while i'm in the mall and suddenly they closes, I transfered to Kuppa and sadly they don't have wifi connections. With this new initiative from SM-Bacolod to go mall-wide... I could have a sip at Kuppa, Coffee Bean, Bo's Cafe, and even Brewha! Wow! And I could even browse my facebook while walking through the mall with my iPhone.... grabe na to!

Negros Bloggers are also in-full support on this. If you are a blogger, come and be one of us! Join Negros Bloggers, we'll surely have fun!

So guys be there as SM-Bacolod launches the WIFI Mall-wide Connection this July 31, 2009, 1PM at the Events Centre. This is simultaneous with other SM malls, and hope we could beat them in numbers!

For more info you may call Nep, Marketing Dept., SM-Bacolod
or you may text me through

See yah!
E Azuelo